For over 135 years, five generations of Palmers have operated Palmer Candy.  It is the oldest continuously family run and owned confectionary company in the U.S.  Located in Sioux City, Iowa, Palmer Candy serves a wide variety of customers from candy shops needing bulk chocolates to private label contracts for FORTUNE 50 companies. In 2004, the company moved into a new 300,000-square foot facility housing packaging, warehousing, and production.  With a keen eye for operational efficiency, Marty Palmer, president and CEO, continues his family’s legacy of candy made with the finest ingredients and quality. Chocolates are notoriously tricky to store.  Palmer Candy needed a flexible, insulated wall solution to create a new 18,700-square-foot cooler for its chocolate inventory.


InsulWall – an insulated, flexible warehouse curtain wall – was the answer to many of Palmer Candy’s concerns…

  • InsulWall was able to protect Palmer’s valuable chocolate inventory by create a cooler room that effectively maintained temperature and humidity to avoid “fat bloom” and melting.
  • InsulWall provided Palmer Candy with a cost-effective, modular wall system that allowed for the ability to expand the cooler rooms during busy seasons.
  • Should future expanding warehouse reconfiguration be required, InsulWall is perfectly positioned to be moved, stored or expanded.

InsulWall, the insulated warehouse divider curtain wall

InsulWall® Delivered

InsulWall created a 18,700 square foot cooler room with additional panels for an employee access area.  Despite competition from rigid panel competitors, InsulWall’s combination of cost-effectiveness, energy conservation, ease of installation, and flexibility for future expansion make it Palmer Candy’s primary wall solution

InsulWall, the insulated warehouse divider curtain wall

InsulWall, the insulated warehouse divider curtain wall

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Palmer Candy Case Study

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