Changing Cold Chain Industry, Meet InsulWall

The Cold Chain Industry is changing.  InsulWall can help. We’ve seen the onset of more home delivery operations and expectations, more fresh food alternatives, more online ordering of grocery and restaurant delivery. 3PLs and cold storage warehouse operators have become increasingly aware of and invested in reducing energy consumption and adopting sustainable operations to help maintain perishable inventory’s temperature requirements and fast turns.

Consider the following trends:
  • According to the Global Cold Chain Alliance (GCCA), the average occupancy rate of cold storage warehouse currently exceeds 85%.
  • The projected increase in online grocery sales is fueling demand for more cold storage warehouse space. An FMI/Nielsen report indicates a projected pattern of growth from $19 billion to $100 billion in 2024.

An example of a unique InsulWall application is Port Jersey Logistics (PJL), a full-service 3PL provider of warehousing, transportation, and value added solutions to the central New Jersey marketplace.  Port Jersey Logistics has a unique application of needing to keep olive oil warm, not cold.  Initially, PJL used an industrial curtain to partition warehouse space to create a warm environment- this proved to be ineffective and costly.  InsulWall, the insulated curtain wall, was introduced to easily partition the space needed for the olive oil inventory to stay warm and consistently at correct temperature.  Olive oil inventory is seasonal in nature; InsulWall was taken down during off-season.  Read more about PJL and its InsulWall application here>

InsulWall® helps cold storage providers create unique temperature zones in a matter of days. With the flexibility to move, expand, and be stored for future use – InsulWall is the sustainable, modular wall that provides the ability to roll with consumers’ changing buying behaviors and perishable temperature requirements.


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