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All Hail, Pale Ale – Craft Beer Trivia, Storage, InsulWall

‘Tis the season to raise a glass of……craft beer.  The craft beer business is booming. In 2017, craft beer grabbed 12.7% market share of the overall beer market.  From pale ales, IPAs, lagers, stouts, and more – there’s a craft brew for everyone’s taste.  As you raise a glass this holiday season, raise a few eyebrows with your craft beer fact prowess.

Here are five random facts that are sure to solidify your position as the smartest craft beer person in the room:

According to 24/7WallStreet, North Dakota drank more beer per person than any other state in our union. Meaning that each person in 2013 would have had to drink 43.6 gallons of beer.

  1. Mississippi and Alabama legalized home-brewing in 2013.
  2. America’s largest craft beer brewery is… Yuengling. According to the Brewers Association,Yuengling, brewing beer since 1829, topped the craft beer sales chart in 2017.
  3. India Pale Ale — a hoppy style of beer within the pale ale category –  is the most popular style craft beer.
  4. Beers that are released by big mega brewers that look like craft beers are termed “crafty beers”.

In all seriousness, craft beer has proved to be more than a passing craze.  Beer distributors across the country are grappling with storing a proliferation of new craft beer skus and storing craft beer at the proper temperature to maintain freshness and quality.

Importance of Cold Temperature Storage (below 45°F)

Craft breweries strive to ensure their product’s flavor stability, which usually boasts greater malt and hop character, in addition to many flavor nuances not found in lighter styles. Fresh, consistent beer expresses the complexities that beer drinkers expect. Distributors can contribute to that goal by keeping all craft beer refrigerated according to specifications. Cold storage and shipping temperatures preserve the taste qualities of all beer, but it is even more important with full-flavored craft beers which are not usually flashed or tunnel pasteurized. Since beer spends more time at the warehouse, it is imperative that it is stored cold.

InsulWall Craft Beet Cooler

InsulWall Creates Modular, Temperature-Controlled Storage Areas for Craft Beer

InsulWall®, the insulated warehouse curtain wall, helps beer distributors create temperature-controlled areas of the warehouse to properly store craft beer. Hung from the ceiling joists, InsulWall’s panels install quickly and efficiently to create temperature-controlled warehouse space. Craft beer’s seasonality, such as the holiday season, can easily to be accommodated with InsulWall’s modularity and ease of movement. Simply move the wall to expand the storage area and move it back at the conclusion of the season.

See how GG Distributing used InsulWall® to accommodate its craft beer inventory without making permanent structural changes.  Here>