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InsulWall Helps New Labeling Equipment Stay Cool

Heat and humidity are not friends to this manufacturing company’s new labeling equipment. As the summer months were approaching and temperatures start soaring, a solution was needed to contain this new labeling environment to control the heat and humidity levels.  In addition, the wall solution needed to  provide the company with flexibility, ease of installation, and cost-effectiveness; cue InsulWall

InsulWall® an insulated, flexible curtain wall was selected as the solution to protect the new labeling equipment.  Our insulated curtain wall was installed quickly and worked with the building’s infrastructure and doors.  Not only is it made from a flexible material – vinyl – providing “give” when hit by forklifts or warehouse equipment, it also provided for the flexibility to expand, move, or store for future uses.

InsulWall helped this manufacturing company protect its new labeling equipment to ensure optimal performance.  What equipment or processes do you have that require temperature and / or humidity control?  We can help.