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Can Your Wall Do This?

InsulWall® – the flexible, insulated warehouse curtain wall is providing flexibility, mobility, and temperature control in a variety of warehouse and distribution applications.  Whether it’s new construction or a retrofit application, InsulWall creates temperature and humidity controlled spaces with ease.

InsulWall’s flexible nature allows it to hang from ceiling joists with ease, fit a variety of door frames and door types, work around sprinkler systems and building penetrations.  Its thin profile also allow it to work between racking systems with the expense and floor space needed with concrete curbs and traditional wall systems.

Check out what InsulWall can do:

Randall Warehouse InsulWall, flexible thermal warehouse wall

InsulWall works around and with racking systems.


Randall Warehouse InsulWall, flexible insulated warehouse wakll

InsulWall works easily around door frames – strip, roll-up and air doors.


Randall Warehouse InsulWall, flexible insulated warehouse curtain wall

Building penetrations like pipes, beams and general infrastructure are not a problem for InsulWall.

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