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5 Key InsulWall Install Questions

1.  Is a building permit required?

InsulWall is considered a temporary wall and generally does not require a building permit.  The owner is responsible for conforming to all local municipality, building and fire safety codes and regulations.

2.  Can InsulWall be installed between existing racks and/or wide open space?

This is critical when determining type of lift equipment and cost.  Installing between an existing racking will require an articulating boom lift.  Installation in a wide open space will require a scissor lift wide and tall enough to handle the 5’ wide panel and highest elevation where the curtain will be hung.

3.  How does InsulWall work with bar joists running parallel or perpendicular with the wall?

  • Perpendicular – a separate valance will be required for the height of the bar joist. The main panel will be hung from the underside of the bar joist. All field cuts for sprinklers, conduit and beams will be done in the valance.
  • Perpendicular – sometimes Unistrut is required to span between the joist for added support of the main panel.
  • Parallel – the main panel will hang from the top of the joist /deck to the finished floor.

4.  Does the installation require union or non-union labor?

Must know type of labor before the quotation is presented to the client. Union labor will significantly increase the cost of the installation compared to non-union labor.

5.  How does InsulWall work with a fluted deck or gap between the top of the joist to the deck?

To maintain a tight seal and prevent air escaping to the other side of the wall & condensation forming, spray foam is blown into the flutes of the deck or open space eliminating any air gaps.

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Epic Before & After Dock Enclosure Transformation

Is your unprotected loading dock allowing cold air, snow, sleet, bugs and rodents into your warehouse?  This manufacturer utilized InsulWall’s thermal and modular properties to create a safe employee environment and conserve on energy costs.

InsulWall Doc Enclosure

Project highlights:

  • InsulWall was installed in less than three days, complete with on-site fabrication of door cutouts, dock doors, and ceiling penetrations.
  • InsulWall as installed on a track system to allow for the flexibility to remain open, weather permitting.
  • InsulWall delivered:
  • Savings on energy costs;
  • Improving employee safety, comfort, and productivity; and
  • Economical alternative to a permanent wall system.

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3 Ways To Protect Inventory On Loading Docks This Winter

Without proper protection, winter outside is winter in a warehouse. There is no escaping the cold, snow and wind when dock doors are opening and closing through the day. The challenge lies in protecting temperature-sensitive inventory from the frigid temperatures while on the loading dock.

Randall offers three ways to protect your temperature-sensitive inventory from fluctuations in temperature that can deteriorate product integrity. These solutions not only assist with protecting inventory from the threats of winter weather but protect employees, equipment and conserve energy.

Consider any combination of the three:

1 – Industrial, Non-Insulated Dock Enclosure Curtains

Randall’s Industrial Dock Enclosure Curtains are one of the most cost-effective and flexible solutions available in shielding interior and open, exterior loading docks during inclement weather. Designed to be stationary or retractable for loading during shipments and receiving deliveries, these curtains are made of 22 oz. coated heavy duty vinyl with Velcro® or magnet closures for curtain panels attachment to each other or the wall. These Dock Enclosure Curtains are custom made to fit the dock’s dimensions and can be made with a variety of vinyl colors, including clear to let the light shine in on those long, dark winter days.

2 – Insulated Dock Enclosure Curtains

Randall’s InsulWall® can be used around the perimeter of internal and external loading dock areas as an excellent thermal barrier. Installed on roller track, InsulWall can be simply rolled back from the bay door and closed when the job is complete. Windows can be sewn within InsulWall to keep the dock area bright and safe. When compressors and heaters are working overtime to keep the dock area at a temperature set point, InsulWall can help conserve energy by not over-taxing equipment to keep up with the outside temperature.

3 – Insulated Pallet & Cart Covers

Custom made to ensure maximum thermal protection and durability, Randall’s Insulated Pallet and Cart Covers are constructed of 420 denier polyurethane coated nylon with a variety of R-values available for insulation. No matter what your size or application, we can help design and manufacture an insulated, reusable cover that will fit your inventory dimensions and protect product while on the dock.

To learn more how Randall’s warehouse products save energy, help maintain temperatures and protect your important assets – employees, inventory and equipment – visit our website or call our team at 800-323-7424.