Join Randall Warehouse at IWLA 2017 next week in sunny Palm Springs, California where warehouse logistics leaders gather to learn, improve processes and programs, and network. Kristine Grudis at Booth 213 will be answering tough challenges facing 3PLs and warehousing professionals, like:

WHAT IF?…….. a new client requires temporary cold storage space?

WHAT IF?………you are cooling a larger space than necessary to maintain temperature control?

WHAT IF?………you are forecasting more perishable inventory coming into your ambient space?

WHAT IF?………the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) is causing you to rethink how you maintain the cold chain through the supply chain?

Warehouse facility managers and 3PLs alike are facing unique challenges in managing their warehouse space within a changing client landscape and new regulations. Today, solutions like InsulWall® need to provide flexibility, speed, and a fast ROI to meet the needs of business today.

Space needs change with client’s needs. That means permanent walls may not be the solution to partitioning warehouse space where inventory and clients change or space is leased and permanent structural changes are not feasible. InsulWall provides the flexibility to create temperature-controlled space to the exact dimensions needed with the ability to expand, move or be be taken down quickly. InsulWall’s 5 foot wide panels are constructed of a tough vinyl exterior that sandwiches recycled insulation. The panels are available in a variety of R values and are velcro’d together.

Vacant warehouse space equates to lost revenue. Being able to accommodate client needs quickly is the name of the game today. InsulWall is the warehouse divider wall solution that installs quickly and works within the building’s infrastructure. Our team of installers or yours can quickly hang InsulWall and do onsite fabrications for doorways, conveyors, or dock areas.

Fast ROI
Flexibility, speed and agility are necessary but the other side of the equation needs to work as well. InsulWall is an economical alternative to permanent structures when comparing construction and installation costs, material costs, energy savings, ability to move and reuse. A recent InsulWall application at the GAP yielded a 1.2 year return on investment.

No need to lose sleep anymore – InsulWall is solving temperature and space challenges in a variety of industries and applications. Let’s talk about your application.

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Do you have conveyor systems, door frames, pass-throughs that your warehouse walls need to accommodate?  These can be difficult requests when dealing with rigid panels and traditional drywall for your warehouse walls, but not for InsulWall

InsulWall®, Randall’s flexible insulated curtain wall, helps you not only separate temperature zones and humidity within your warehouse space, it also affords you the adaptability to easily accommodate penetrations like conveyor systems, door frames, and pass-throughs. Our insulated curtain walls can be easily modified and cut on-site during installation. This ensures correct measuring and allowance for building and ceiling variances that may not have been apparent during the initial design phase.

InsulWall Makes the Cut
Our insulated curtain wall is designed to be easily modified in the field without affecting or impacting its integrity. When drywall or rigid panels are cut to accommodate penetrations, many times this has a negative impact on the integrity of these walls causing product disintegration and dust. InsulWall is dust-free allowing for installation and modifications to be done on-site during working hours without safety implications or environmental issues for employees.

Go ahead put a hole in the InsulWall – it’s made to accommodate your building’s operations with ease.

For More Information on InsulWall
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3 Ways To Protect Inventory On Loading Docks This Winter

Without proper protection, winter outside is winter in a warehouse. There is no escaping the cold, snow and wind when dock doors are opening and closing through the day. The challenge lies in protecting temperature-sensitive inventory from the frigid temperatures while on the loading dock.

Randall offers three ways to protect your temperature-sensitive inventory from fluctuations in temperature that can deteriorate product integrity. These solutions not only assist with protecting inventory from the threats of winter weather but protect employees, equipment and conserve energy.

Consider any combination of the three:

1 – Industrial, Non-Insulated Dock Enclosure Curtains

Randall’s Industrial Dock Enclosure Curtains are one of the most cost-effective and flexible solutions available in shielding interior and open, exterior loading docks during inclement weather. Designed to be stationary or retractable for loading during shipments and receiving deliveries, these curtains are made of 22 oz. coated heavy duty vinyl with Velcro® or magnet closures for curtain panels attachment to each other or the wall. These Dock Enclosure Curtains are custom made to fit the dock’s dimensions and can be made with a variety of vinyl colors, including clear to let the light shine in on those long, dark winter days.

2 – Insulated Dock Enclosure Curtains

Randall’s InsulWall® can be used around the perimeter of internal and external loading dock areas as an excellent thermal barrier. Installed on roller track, InsulWall can be simply rolled back from the bay door and closed when the job is complete. Windows can be sewn within InsulWall to keep the dock area bright and safe. When compressors and heaters are working overtime to keep the dock area at a temperature set point, InsulWall can help conserve energy by not over-taxing equipment to keep up with the outside temperature.

3 – Insulated Pallet & Cart Covers

Custom made to ensure maximum thermal protection and durability, Randall’s Insulated Pallet and Cart Covers are constructed of 420 denier polyurethane coated nylon with a variety of R-values available for insulation. No matter what your size or application, we can help design and manufacture an insulated, reusable cover that will fit your inventory dimensions and protect product while on the dock.

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‘Tis the season for fresh flowers; the holiday season coupled with Valentine’s Day can generate over half of a florist shop and retailer’s fresh flower annual revenues. To keep up with demand, floral distributors need a cold storage warehouse plan of attack during these peak seasons. They need the flexibility to scale their cold storage warehouse areas to store more flowers with the ability to repurpose the space during off seasons.

Temperature and humidity are the critical factors to keep flowers fresh for as long as possible. As temperatures rise, flowers will dry out so they require a high humidity level. In addition, distributors that store both floral and produce should keep these products apart. There are certain varieties of fruits and vegetables that release ethylene that may actually kill flowers. Some distributors go as far as keeping flowers and produce apart on the dock during off-loading and loading processes.

What’s a distributor to do?

How do you create a flexible cold storage environment to accommodate an influx of demand?

How do you create multiple climate controlled areas to keep fresh floral and produce separate?

InsulWall is leading the way with innovative floral storage management

Kendal Floral is a leading supplier and distributor of fresh cut flowers in the Western United states. They pride themselves on keeping bouquets, roses and floral arrangements in an optimal storage environment that ensures each flower’s vibrancy.

Kendal needed a way to keep arrangements cool without sacrificing valuable warehouse space the remainder of the year. When a contractor proposed building a permanent cooler room, Kendal recoiled and called Josh Welch, territory manager for Engineered Products, a Papé Company (Seattle, WA).

Instead of a permanent room, Welch proposed installing InsulWall® from Randall Manufacturing. InsulWall, an insulated curtain wall system, would keep the room at a constant temperature of 50 degrees and could be removed when the season was over.

InsulWall Delivered

Engineered Products engaged Randall Manufacturing to work closely with Kendal Floral to:

  • Design InsulWall to leverage Kendal’s infrastructure utilizing existing walls and cooling systems.
  • Engineer InsulWall to take into account the ceiling slope.
  • Provide a panel with a weight less than 50 lbs. per square foot.
  • Create short and long-term cost savings, factoring in InsulWall’s reusability. Just prior to installation, Kendal decided to expand the dimensions – ultimately creating a 3,500 square foot x 37′ high enclosure. Even with the change order, it took only four weeks to manufacture, deliver and install InsulWall. Kendal Floral was striving to meet increased demand by creating a temporary cold storage room – quickly, with a wall system that was modular, flexible and thermal: AND at half the cost of the proposed permanent room.

For more information on how Kendal Floral used InsulWall, click here.

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