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Can Your Wall Do This?

InsulWall® – the flexible, insulated warehouse curtain wall is providing flexibility, mobility, and temperature control in a variety of warehouse and distribution applications.  Whether it’s new construction or a retrofit application, InsulWall creates temperature and humidity controlled spaces with ease.

InsulWall’s flexible nature allows it to hang from ceiling joists with ease, fit a variety of door frames and door types, work around sprinkler systems and building penetrations.  Its thin profile also allow it to work between racking systems with the expense and floor space needed with concrete curbs and traditional wall systems.

Check out what InsulWall can do:

Randall Warehouse InsulWall, flexible thermal warehouse wall

InsulWall works around and with racking systems.


Randall Warehouse InsulWall, flexible insulated warehouse wakll

InsulWall works easily around door frames – strip, roll-up and air doors.


Randall Warehouse InsulWall, flexible insulated warehouse curtain wall

Building penetrations like pipes, beams and general infrastructure are not a problem for InsulWall.

Call our team today to learn how InsulWall can work in your warehouse, distribution center or facility – 800-323-7424.


Randall Warehouse Launches New Website & Market Approach

Randall Warehouse, a division of Randall Manufacturing, a Safe Fleet Brand, is proud to introduce its newly designed website, www.randallwarehouse.com. This overhaul represents more than a new look; it is a new focused market approach. The focus is on InsulWall® – the industry’s only GREEN, thermal, flexible, modular warehouse wall constructed with recycled insulation.

For over two decades, InsulWall has been an industry staple in the flexible, thermal warehouse wall world. InsulWall allows for the creation of temperature and humidity controlled spaces without permanently impacting the building’s infrastructure.  InsulWall is installed in a matter of days and provides the modularity and flexibility to expand and contract as space demands require. Used in a variety of industries and applications – from manufacturing to cold storage to 3PL warehouses- InsulWall is custom designed to each client’s business needs and building infrastructure.

“Our recalibration of the Randall Warehouse product offering (focusing exclusively on InsulWall) allows us to meet customer needs quickly and offer state-of-the-art products and service,” said Chuck Carey, vice president of sales at Randall Warehouse. “InsulWall is a unique product that serves a variety of industries looking for the flexibility to create temperature controlled warehouse areas quickly and economically.”

To view the new website go to www.randallwarehouse.com and feel free to call us at 800-323-7424.

3PLs Love InsulWall. Here’s Why.

InsulWall allows you to create temperature-controlled space quickly for faster revenue generation.

What’s impossible with traditional drywall or lumber, is possible with InsulWall.

  1. InsulWall creates temperature-controlled spaces and easily works with the building’s infrastructure.
  2. InsulWall can be installed in a matter of days with minimal business interruption.
  3. InsulWall provides modularity and flexibility for clients’ changing temperature-controlled needs.

For more information on InsulWall, CLICK HERE or call us at 800-323-7424.


Join Randall Warehouse at IWLA 2017 next week in sunny Palm Springs, California where warehouse logistics leaders gather to learn, improve processes and programs, and network. Kristine Grudis at Booth 213 will be answering tough challenges facing 3PLs and warehousing professionals, like:

WHAT IF?…….. a new client requires temporary cold storage space?

WHAT IF?………you are cooling a larger space than necessary to maintain temperature control?

WHAT IF?………you are forecasting more perishable inventory coming into your ambient space?

WHAT IF?………the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) is causing you to rethink how you maintain the cold chain through the supply chain?

Warehouse facility managers and 3PLs alike are facing unique challenges in managing their warehouse space within a changing client landscape and new regulations. Today, solutions like InsulWall® need to provide flexibility, speed, and a fast ROI to meet the needs of business today.

Space needs change with client’s needs. That means permanent walls may not be the solution to partitioning warehouse space where inventory and clients change or space is leased and permanent structural changes are not feasible. InsulWall provides the flexibility to create temperature-controlled space to the exact dimensions needed with the ability to expand, move or be be taken down quickly. InsulWall’s 5 foot wide panels are constructed of a tough vinyl exterior that sandwiches recycled insulation. The panels are available in a variety of R values and are velcro’d together.

Vacant warehouse space equates to lost revenue. Being able to accommodate client needs quickly is the name of the game today. InsulWall is the warehouse divider wall solution that installs quickly and works within the building’s infrastructure. Our team of installers or yours can quickly hang InsulWall and do onsite fabrications for doorways, conveyors, or dock areas.

Fast ROI
Flexibility, speed and agility are necessary but the other side of the equation needs to work as well. InsulWall is an economical alternative to permanent structures when comparing construction and installation costs, material costs, energy savings, ability to move and reuse. A recent InsulWall application at the GAP yielded a 1.2 year return on investment.

No need to lose sleep anymore – InsulWall is solving temperature and space challenges in a variety of industries and applications. Let’s talk about your application.

For more information on InsulWall, visit our website, www.randallwarehouse.com, or call us at 800-323-7424.